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Each home conversion or renovation is unique

A home conversion or renovation is likely to consume more of your time and to have more of an impact on your busy lives than anticipated. As intermediary, independent advisor and negotiator, Eagle Arch can ease both your mind and your workload. We provide you with professional, well-informed and clear advice.

Eagle Arch offers support in planning, coordination and supervision for all project phases, based on sound knowledge and expertise. As such, we enable you to make well-informed, conscious choices leading to the solution best suiting your wishes. Our client-oriented collaborative approach ensures a professional and above all pleasant experience.

A wide range of projects has been satisfactory supported by Eagle Arch; a selection of completed Eagle Arch assignments can be found here. Due to the efficient and transparent approach, all projects have been completed within budget – including the Eagle Arch fee.

Our approach is both personal and assertive, significantly reducing your workload. A clear project plan and realistic work lists provide the much required oversight. Flexibility is retained to allow for the implementation of adjustments, where relevant.

Your satisfaction is our priority!

Discuss your renovation project with us in a first consult, free of charge!